For over ten years, Charter College students have established a reputation of success among the top matriculates in the land ,with numerous students achieving top results in SA. Since Charter College students do not learn by rote, they enter University able to accept challenges, participate effectively, think independently and question critically. We prepare our students to face the real world. At Charter College we recognize that each student is special and unique and our aim is to nurture and develop this uniqueness while simultaneously locating any latent talent and building on it. Students are encouraged to express their individuality, to be comfortable with who they are and to respect each other for their differences. Charter College sets a new standard in private education with a dedication to excellence permeating every aspect of the school. Integrating innovative, challenging and enriching academic, arts and sports programs, students leave with outstanding academic results, a love of learning, confidence and a firm value system that arms them to embrace the challenges and opportunities of life.