June 2015

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Mid-Term at Charter College was celebrated with  movies, popcorn & hot chocolate. The teachers joined in the fun and came dressed up in their PJs. Funky and cool – ready for a well-deserved break.

It’s almost half term! In celebration, Charter College are having a "Movie Day" at Charter College!Friday the 26th June. R50 a ticket.Tickets for sale with Kate Moore and Savannah King at break. Includes 1 hot chocolate and 1 popcorn, civvies/ PJ’s money! Snacks will be on sale!

Ps: Come in PJ’s & bring your own pillows, blankies and mug!

Two weeks ago, Charter College Boys and Girls played against Trinity Little Falls. The Boys played a fabulous game, and were only outdone by 1 goal! But the passion was palatable! The girls had a tougher time and lost 4-0 BUT, we learnt from the defeat, and changed our game plan. This resulted in a wonderful game against Maragon last week, in which we tied 1-1.