February 2016

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The Grade 10s have successfully completed their Baby Projects for their Life Orientation classes. Students are expected to look after their babies for three weeks in order to finish the project, this includes a daily check-in at Mr. Delport's clinic as well as discussing the importance of raising a baby in today's age. The Grade 10s learnt a lot about raising babies with Wandile Mokhele (10B) saying: "To you, it might be a sack of sugar, but to me this is my baby.

This year has started well for Charter College Public Speaking!  

As an extra-mural, Public Speaking consists of individual and group speeches, competitively we get graded for them. You get to meet new people who share your interests, all the while improving your confidence and creativity. Public Speaking teaches you the various techniques in order to express yourself, being able to deliver with finesse and quality.

Valentine’s Day at Charter College held a presence of excitement and awe. I can clearly recall the anticipation students held as we-the fundraising committee- bombarded their morning lessons in order to hand out little bundles of joy, in the form of beautiful roses. One can only imagine the whirlwind of thoughts that raided student’s minds, from who that rose was from, to what’s for lunch.