March 2016

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On Saturday, the Grade 9 group met with their peers and register teachers to socialise, catch up with one another and enjoy the last remaining weekend before school. The social occurred at Charter College and the day was filled with playing Uno, 30 seconds, twister and getting to know everyone in the grade a bit bitter. Mrs Parry has become the Queen of Uno, while Mr Delport showed why he is the King of General Knowledge while playing 30 seconds.

Congratulations to Darius Steinmetz in Gr8 on his sterling performance this past Friday at the GAUTENG PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Darius received a silver medal for his KUMITE performance, and a bronze medal for his KATA performance! And he qualified to enter the Gauteng team and compete in the national SAJKA Tournament Novice / Elite + SAJKA Team Selection on the 21st of May at Ellis Park.

Charter College wrote the De Beers Olympiad 2016 on the 1 March 2016.

40 learners entered the competition! Good luck to all who wrote the exam. Results are out in August.

The De Beers English Olympiad is a national English competition that draws more than 7000 entries each year.

The competition is organized jointly by the Grahamstown Foundation and the South African Council for English Education.

The primary objectives of the De Beers English Olympiad are: