September 2017

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Dear Parents and Learners,

Congratulations to the learners who were selected by the English Department at Charter College, to write the De Beers English Olympiad on the 6th of March 2018.

The De Beers English Olympiad is a national English competition that draws more than 7000 entries each year. The competition is organized jointly by the Grahamstown Foundation and the South African Council for English Education.

2017 was the first year Charter College had entered the SALA (South African Literacy Association) Writing Competition. A NEW COMPETITION with a different theme every year! The South African Literacy Association loves a good short paragraph, poem or short essay.

The grade 12’s entered as part of their English syllabus and also Just for FUN!

They were told “Be BOLD, Be ORIGINAL. Make us laugh, cry, feel, think!”

More activity from the Grade 12 Physics prelim practical exam. A combination of questions testing circuit making and basic electronics with a variable resistor component as well as a mechanics of motion using pendulums gave them a diverse and challenging task to get through. The group completed the paper in good time and scored very well all round.