February 2018

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Tuesday the girls Hockey team played our first game of the season, against Trinity Little falls.

We had a huge task ahead of us. We had to play BOTH their girls teams.

We were up against their senior girls’ first .This season we have a newfound confidence and it has boosted our performance on the field. We struck at the opposing teams goals with accuracy and power. The first goal was magnificently scored by Strom Swanepoel!

We want to say special congratulations to Bhindiya Hira who participated in the highly competitive individual speaker event and achieved a B+ symbol.

It is a great achievement in itself to be chosen to represent the school as the individual speaker of the year. Bhindi was the obvious choice and she made us so proud!

Our gr 11’s have been working very hard these last 2 months fundraising for the 2018 matric dance. The team was selected by a voting system and we are very proud to announce the following students:

Kgosi Maubane

Natalie Manyonda

Geneva Guilherme