June 2018

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Yesterday our tour group travelled to Prague via Dresden. They stopped for lunch at Dresden.

Much of Dresden was destroyed during ww2 and the city is still in the process of being rebuilt so you will find a mixture of old and new building side by side.

The group arrived to Prague in the late afternoon and went shopping which they seemed to really enjoy.


It was quite an emotional day visiting the Berlin wall memorial and the Sachenhausen camp museum as well as the topography of terror. Parts of the Berlin wall are visible all over the city. 
Today the students are travelling to Prague via Dresden, where they will stop for lunch.


The tour group are having a Fantastic  time. 

This morning they will visit the Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation centre

The Topography of Terror

The Memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe as well as a viewing of the Reischstag building.

The tour will continue onto the Sachsenhausen this afternoon.