February 2019

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The Winter Wonderland Ball is nothing short of magical. The evening was beautiful, filled with art, beauty and the imagination.

On the 12th of February, Charter College took the grade 10 learners to the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History. The focus of the visit was to learn more about our earth’s biodiversity.

Next stop: The Pretoria Zoological gardens! Our learners had a relaxing end to their day visiting pink flamingos, lions, tigers, elephants and much more!

Thank you to every learner that made the day so memorable!

The 14th of February at Charter College is nothing short of magical.

With the atmosphere of love in the air, the warmth of smiles and hugs spreading as far as the eye can see, the high school is completely transformed into what can only be described as a beautiful, love filled wonderland. The love flows from each and every heart, students and teachers alike.