March 2019

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Now that our Grade 8’s have returned to the normal routine of school we are able to break silence on ….

“what happened on camp” ….. and give out a glimpse of what DID happen!

How much does a hobbit need to pack for a 3 day camp? …….. CLEARLY A LOT!

Food, Fun, Fresh Air, Lazy River Rides, Nuke ‘em, No Wi-fi And “chompie” The Immunity Idol (Awarding Shower Priviledges And Front Of Line Meal Positions) – But Requiring Devout Love And Huge Amounts Of Attention!

Join Charter College at our POP UP Cinema event. A fun festival full of good food, good vibes and good company!
Friends and Family of Charter College are welcome.
Come cuddle up under the stars and enjoy a magical night at Charter College experiencing the cinema the VINTAGE way!

It is a great privilege and honour to be chosen as a schools competitive individual Public speaker. Great thought and consideration is taken into choosing just the right speaker. You need poise, humour, confidence and excellent public speaking skills!

We chose Cameron Dodge for 2019!

Cameron plays hockey, is a fundraiser, does charity work donates blood, does public speaking, excels at school and is our head girl.