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It’s time for an educational revolution

Written by Jarrod Delport 

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” 
― Aristotle

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Orientation 2016

Orientation for the grade 8’s was a blast! I met a lot of people that were soon going to be my new family. After socializing with my new friends we separated into our different houses. Once we were settled in we did fun and interesting icebreakers to get to know our fellow teammates.We then started with some messy and entertaining games and activities. These included throwing Flings at our house captains’ shaving cream filled heads and finding puzzle pieces using clues around the school.

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Fun Day 2016

Our annual Fun Day was a huge success. We had tons of fun competing against each other in various activities. I think everyone will agree that the giant Slip ‘n Slide was the most enjoyable, even though some of us may have been victims of accidental kicks to the face. Other amusing activities we did included egg races, water bucket challenges, marble pathways and an exhilarating classic, Pick up Sticks.

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