The 2017 English Olympiad results are out!

May 29, 2017
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Isaac Asimov, the celebrated American science fiction writer, once declared: ‘If the doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I’d write a little faster.’ The Olympiad is more than just another exam or competition. It is protected time for creativity; a dedicated three hours devoted to writing. F Scott Fitzgerald observed that ‘all good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.’ So dive, ye stranger! Submerge yourself in the cool green waters of your imagination, of the English language, of this moment in time!

For the past 4 years Charter College has been participating in prestigious DeBeers English Olympiad. It is important to note that the same exam is written from grade 10-12, and to have so many gr 10’s achieving in the top 3 tiers is amazing!

To achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze is a huge achievement. Congratulations to all who wrote the exam.

This year we had 20 entries, the results are as follows:

4 Silver certificates, 12 Bronze certificates and 4 Merit awards!

From Grade 10:
Kgosi Maubane – Merit
Sadike Mtshali – Bronze
Kyle Lawrence – Bronze
Miguel Jardim – Bronze
Ahlaam Motara – Bronze
Kieran Rens – Silver

From Grade 11:
Dominique Behrmann – Merit
Bhindiya Hira – Bronze
Thembelihle Dlodlo – Bronze
Michael Low – Merit
Wandile Mokhele – Silver
Kirsten Stuart – Bronze

From Grade 12:
Stacey Barasa – Merit
Kim Marinda – Bronze
Yusuf Seedat – Silver
Paulette Ikopit – Bronze
Shaylyn Ernest – Silver
Kim Sun-Hing – Bronze
Walker Swindell – Bronze
Ralph Leaman – Bronze

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