Charter Hockey SCORES!

February 28, 2018
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Tuesday the girls Hockey team played our first game of the season, against Trinity Little falls.

We had a huge task ahead of us. We had to play BOTH their girls teams.

We were up against their senior girls’ first .This season we have a newfound confidence and it has boosted our performance on the field. We struck at the opposing teams goals with accuracy and power. The first goal was magnificently scored by Strom Swanepoel!

The second game was against their junior girls. The cracking of the sticks knocking into each other chorused like thunder on the field each time an attack was made and Jessica Butler scored a beautiful goal just before half time!

Our teamwork was better than it had ever been, our constant triangle formation pushed through the opposing teams defenders; we functioned like a pack precise and as one.

We left that game; confident and victorious. This match was one to be proud of and our fighting spirits truly shone through.

Final score: Charter 2 – Trinity 0

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