The day of love at Charter College

February 18, 2016
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Valentine’s Day at Charter College held a presence of excitement and awe. I can clearly recall the anticipation students held as we-the fundraising committee- bombarded their morning lessons in order to hand out little bundles of joy, in the form of beautiful roses. One can only imagine the whirlwind of thoughts that raided student’s minds, from who that rose was from, to what’s for lunch. I loved seeing the glow on their faces as we handed out roses while giving them a wave of attention with cheesy romantic music playing, just to add a bit of theatrics.
Break rolled around just in time, and the grounds of Charter College were infested with the unfamiliar sight of teenagers in civvies. Everyone looked amazing in their ‘true skin’ I observed as they slowly lurked across the field to check out the exotic Tiki Bar, the numerous games exclusive to the valentine’s day extravaganza, and of course, to purchase a refreshing iced slushy.

The day was filled was many laughs and memories made, but when night shadowed the school, the real fun began. The costume party theme held its promise of awe as everyone arrived at night in an array of unique costumes was an unforgettable sight, Charter was transformed into a land of fantasy and imagination. Games were played, friends were made and the memories will last forever. Nothing less is expected from a day of love, at Charter College.

Written by Shaylyn Ernest

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