Grade 8 Camp

May 24, 2016
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Our grade 8’s recently had the opportunity to attend a team building camp. Here is what some of the learners hacve said:

“The grade 8 camp was an amazing experience. We made new friends, learnt how to be leaders and how to work together as a team. I have learnt many useful skills that I will carry with me to matric. One of them is to always listen to people. You need to listen to everyone’s ideas to make decisions as a team. It was an unforgettable experience. I wish the Grade 8’s of 2017 the best of luck for high school.” – Adam Turner

“Camp Kloofwaters was an amazing camp. The teambuilding activities helped us to bond as a grade, even though we did not know each other very well before. We spent a whole week there doing a variety of activities. These included individual games, teambuilding, physical activities and mentally challenging games. Each day was filled with surprises, from getting wet to crawling in the mud or even walking in the bush blindfolded at night. Camp Kloofwaters was the best camp I have ever been on!” – Khiara Hira

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