Grade 8 Orientation 2018

January 23, 2018
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What an exciting two days for the grade 8 learners, the teachers and the prefects.

The orientation proved to be a huge success. The grade 8’s thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The prefects worked tirelessly to entertain with fun, innovative games ranging from potato races to obstacle courses. Despite the oppressive heat the learners continued to complete each assigned activity with shear enthusiasm.

We started off making house mascots. The learners were shy at first but soon had the grade in awe at the variety of talents showcased.  This particular activity gave the learners an opportunity to bond with one another.

Various other games and activities allowed the learners to interact with their fellow classmates, make new friends and feel more comfortable around one another. The famous “Cheese curl” game was played in which pupils threw cheese curls at the prefects “foamed” heads. Other activities included the “pen and string” game and the “marshmallow and spaghetti tower.” Brilliant teamwork and leadership skills were displayed in these activities.

At the end of an exhausting two days, where pupils, prefects and teachers were drained of energy, the grade 8’s were fed and given the opportunity to unwind and write their “House” song! The gr8 orientation was an absolutely fantastic experience which strengthened the grade’s unity considerably.

Well done to all involved!

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