Hockey 2016

May 26, 2016
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Article by: Zarina Masher

The 2016 hockey season kick started with a bang! New teammates joined our ranks. Many lessons were to be learned during this season and we faced many challenges, we had to learn to function as a whole unit instead of relying on just ourselves.

During practice, we would often play mini matches to test our strengths and weaknesses, we grew from every practice and each time became stronger as a team. Although we suffered a great loss to Maragon we never gave up! The desire to win just became stronger and so did our passion for hockey. The newest members gave it their all and it was the team’s resilient spirit that kept us together. We left their field with a drive to do better!

The practice after that was an intense one, we were very focused and played the mini matches as if they were real. We all shared the same fighting spirit and that is what bonded us as sisters and  made us a team. The next match came and many of us had newfound confidence. It boosted our performance on the field, we struck at the opposing team, Curro Thatchfield’s, goals like lightning bolts. The cracking of the sticks knocking into each other chorused like thunder on the field each time an attack was made. Our teamwork was better then it had ever been, our constant triangle formation pushed through the opposing teams defenders; we functioned like a wolf pack precise and as one.

We left that game; confident and victorious our final match was one to be proud of and our fighting spirits truly shone through. We had finally learnt how to coordinate and cooperate as a group and overcome the challenges we faced as a team.

Hockey for Life!

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