Hockey results!

June 18, 2015
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Two weeks ago, Charter College Boys and Girls played against Trinity Little Falls. The Boys played a fabulous game, and were only outdone by 1 goal! But the passion was palatable! The girls had a tougher time and lost 4-0 BUT, we learnt from the defeat, and changed our game plan. This resulted in a wonderful game against Maragon last week, in which we tied 1-1. 

But what a game! Ashlynn “Smashlynn” Mansfield scored a great goal! Cameron Dodge and Chloé Erasmus dominated front field, while Khaya, Nicca and Zarina defended with their lives! A special thank you to Claire Burston who was Centre Forward of the year! To ALL the girls and boys, you made us and your coach so proud! Every single one of you are part of the great ‘up and coming’ Charter College Hockey team!

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