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August 23, 2018
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Congratulations to the riders that competed in the Gauteng West Equestrian Team. It was a tough competition with each class having 35 – 40 competitors.

These riders qualified to compete in Nationals in the following classes:

  • Thomas Reynecke (Gr.9) – Placed 7th in Prix Caprilli (both tests)

  • Courtenay Rhoodie (Gr.9) – Placed 12th in Jumping

  • Elizabeth Yates (Gr.9) – Placed 6th in Performance, 10th for In Hand and 10th & 12th (two tests) in Prix Caprilli

  • Tayla Kalkwarf (Gr.10) – Placed 8th & 11th in Jumping and 1st in Working Hunter

  • Zoë Spurr (Gr.12) – Placed 12th in Working Hunter

  • Tiffany Spurr (Gr.9) – Made it through to compete in the Gauteng West Team in Jumping & Equitation, but unfortunately never placed to compete in Nationals.

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