Principal's Report

December 1, 2017
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This year at Charter College we have experienced joy, loss and change.

The Cambridge examination results were some of the best ever, with many of our students’ exceling academically. They are to be congratulated on their hard work and effort.

Our lowest moment this year was the devastating loss of one of our staff members, Lena, which caused great sadness for all who knew her. Lena led a simple life, always trying to give her family the best that she was able to. We can learn from her example that it is not what you have in life that determines who you are, but rather your determination and willingness to better yourself and those around you. These are qualities which I have witnessed on countless occasions at Charter College throughout the year.

When we built and furnished the home for some of our staff members to live in, the camaraderie and commitment from parents, students and staff alike was phenomenal. Our drive to collect feminine hygiene products for the underprivileged was also met with great enthusiasm. We have done so much, from donating blood to collecting food and fundraising for many events and charities. I am proud of you Charter College.

It is this drive and determination that has carried the Charter College family through the year and will hopefully carry us through the years to come.

Alison Dodge

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