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February 22, 2016
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This year has started well for Charter College Public Speaking!  

As an extra-mural, Public Speaking consists of individual and group speeches, competitively we get graded for them. You get to meet new people who share your interests, all the while improving your confidence and creativity. Public Speaking teaches you the various techniques in order to express yourself, being able to deliver with finesse and quality.

Our top team, the trophy team of 2016 spoke on Tuesday  night at Greenside High school. We achieved a B symbol!
Well done to Zarina Masher, Storm Ghirlando, and Kayla Latty.

Our two grade 10 teams spoke at Crawford Lonehill On Wednesday and achieved a B+ and B respectively.
Well done to Gina, Kirsten, Bhindi, Suvar and Jordan, Yuveshen,  Wandile and Tuks! You all made Charter College very proud.

Are you good at English? Are you confident, charismatic and competitive?
Or, are you just plain loud? If yes, than public speaking is for you! If you have something to say then we encourage you to stand up and speak your mind. We know that you love the attention, so go on, silence crowds with just one statement, it’s that easy…Joining the Public Speaking team has been rewarding. It has been well worth the effort and lots of fun!

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