Valentine's Day 2019

February 21, 2019
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The 14th of February at Charter College is nothing short of magical.

With the atmosphere of love in the air, the warmth of smiles and hugs spreading as far as the eye can see, the high school is completely transformed into what can only be described as a beautiful, love filled wonderland. The love flows from each and every heart, students and teachers alike.

The day is a flurry of activity, roses being sent to loved ones, balloons popping in bursts of affection and friendship and the spirit of Charter College lingering sweetly.

However, not only is there love being spread on this day, but excitement and adrenaline too. With Charter College’s annual Valentine’s raffle, slushies and popcorn sales, everybody is on excited, and looking to find the best bargain possible, as is tradition.

The 14th of February will always be a day that is special to every single member of the Charter College family. I know that I will always treasure the memories made on this day, each and every year.

Naadiya Seedat

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