Winter Wonderland party!

February 26, 2019
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The Winter Wonderland Ball is nothing short of magical. The evening was beautiful, filled with art, beauty and the imagination.

The students walked into a magical world of good vibes, live entertainment, real snow and incredible decor. It was a magical icy journey in the most breath-taking location – our school! The candles were lit and the décor hung, as we were waiting for our special guests to arrive. When 5pm came and the guests of honour finally arrived, the boys were suited up, the girls swirled in with glitz and glam, and the scent of perfume and excitement filled the air …and the party began… We had slushies, popcorn, food and danced the night away…

Many memories were made under a frosted sky.

It was one of the most spectacular nights of your schooling year and will be a memory that the students will never forget. The “winter ball” theme did not disappoint! It was a magical night filled with love, beauty and FUN!

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